Tofino Fishing Report 2020

Tofino Fishing Report 2020

So far has been a fantastic fishing season in Tofino and the weather certainly helped with it's mild temperatures and many wind free days. Some call it the best fishing season in years. Salmon fishing was good all Summer and halibut were also often around.

Visitors from all around the World enjoyed the best salmon & halibut sport fishing amid the spectacular scenery Vancouver Island is known for. Tofino is a saltwater fishing paradise featuring abundant wildlife and some of the most exotic rainforest scenery in the world. The Salmon run starts in early May and the Tofino Fishing Report called for an abundant year which proved to be right. West Coast anglers are already looking forward to the 2018 fishing season.

Tofino's Fishing industry: Salmon has been an essential part of life on British Columbia's coast for centuries. The remote location provides a true BC wilderness experience with nature hikes, beach combing, whale watching and Fishing.


Tofino Weather - Pacific Ocean

Photo: Ospray Fishing Charters